World Cup Travel Guide 2018

The countdown to kick off is on! and England fans live in hope that we will make it all the way.   With England’s first match scheduled for Monday June 18th against Tunisia, we take a look at who else we are up against with our ‘travel’ guide to the World Cup.




The underdogs, Tunisia won’t be taking home the top prize any time soon! However when you live in a stunning country on the top of Africa there’s much to celebrate.

Exotic sights, beautiful beaches and hot sun make Tunisia feel a million miles away from the UK and yet it’s only a three or four hour flight.  Known as a classic sun-and-sea holiday destination, Tunisia’s attractions are surprisingly diverse: in the north you’ll find lakes full of pink flamingos alongside olive and citrus groves, whilst the south offers the endless Saharan sands.

Footy phrases they may say: “JBED BIH!” said in an excitable manner, is the Tunisian equivalent of ‘he’s done him!’

Footy fact:  Tunisia have drawn one game and lost two in each of their last three World Cup group-stages.

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The French are renowned for their passion both on and off the pitch and will be tough competition if and when we finally face them.  For a true taste of the French way of life head to one of the world’s most romantic Cities, Paris, and let it work its charm on you too.

Famous for its cuisine, its sights and its shops, Paris is the perfect weekend getaway.  Take the tourist routes to ensure you see its best bits or head out on your own and explore its historic back streets and river front cafes.

Footy phrases they may say: Il tire, il marquee! (He shoots, he scores!), Allez les bleus! (Come on you blues!), Vous etes des dechets, et vous savez que vous etes (You’re rubbish and you know you are!)

Footy fact: The last time England met France in a match was in a friendly last year (2017) .. where England lost 3-2.




Fresh from his fifth Champions League win, Cristiano Ronaldo might be looking to take the lot. A World Cup win to complete the set seems a bit overambitious, but then again, so did their Euro 2016 victory!

Soak up some sun in the Algarve, Portugal’s most popular holiday destination. Nicknamed ‘The Golden Coast’, the Algarve is home to endless stretches of sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing, sandcastles and water sports.  For something different, visit the vibrant city of Faro, a traditional town at heart despite its airport.

The capital of the Algarve, Faro lies at the southernmost strip of Portuguese coast that boasts the golden sands and glorious landscapes that attract tourists year after year and it certainly lives up to its status.

Footy phrases they may say: Campeões, Campeões, Campeões (champions),  Portugal Allez (Go Portugal)

Footy fact: Cristiano Ronaldo once said that his cure for frustration was to put a television up a tree and then kick footballs at it until it crashed to the ground.

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Spanish Flag, Spain


Not only one of the UK’s all time favourite holiday destinations, Spain is also a favourite to win the World Cup title – in short you wouldn’t mind picking her in a sweepstakes.

Spain is an exciting country with some of the finest architecture, food, culture and scenery in the world, and it’s only a short hop from the UK. You can swap the grey streets of Britain for the excitement and colour of Spain in just a couple of hours, making it great for a short break.

Opt for a sophisticated city jaunt in Barcelona or Madrid, a classic beach holiday in Alicante or Malaga, or visit the neighbouring Balearic Islands for a different Spanish flavour. Whatever you’re looking for, Spain has got it.

Footy phrases they may say: “Yo soy Español, Español, Español,” (I am Spanish, Spanish, Spanish) “A por Ellos” and “Que Viva España” (long live Spain)

Footy fact: Tiki-taka is the Spanish team’s style of playing, characterized by short passes, maintaining possession, and working the ball through various channels. Many believe this style of play to be the key to their success.

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