Why you should honeymoon in Cuba

Why You Should Honeymoon in Cuba

Congratulations, you’re getting married! When it comes to organising your honeymoon, the world must suddenly seem like one big holiday destination. Cuba is the perfect honeymoon location and here’s why.

Good weather

  • Cuba has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons but it is usually one word: hot. The humidity can get quite high and there’s plenty of sunshine all year round.
  • The best time to visit Cuba, weather wise, is in the dry season as it rains less. The humidity drops as does the temperature, making it a lot more comfortable. Don’t worry though, it’s still mid-thirties on average.

    Cuba sunset
    Why You Should Honeymoon in Cuba

Incredible beaches

It’s no secret that Cuba has some of the world’s best beaches. Here are two of our favourites:

  • Bahia de Baracoa. Located in the town of Baracoa which lies to the east of Santiago de Cuba, this divine beach sits on the island’s eastern tip. The beach boasts dark sand that are soft to touch and there’s a jungle behind it. It will be a lot quieter than the other beaches because its sands are not pure white or golden but for real character, you can’t miss it.
  • Conversely, this is one of the most popular beaches in Cuba and that’s for a good reason: its postcard perfect. Varadero is the kind of beach that can sell an entire country. It’s a tropical haven that lies just two hours from Havana and is mile upon mile of perfect white sand surrounded by shady palm trees.

    Why You Should Honeymoon in Cayo Coco

Moonlit nights

Nothing says eternal romance like a good night out. Cuba is famous for its nightlife and whether you’re the partying couple of not, it’s good to dip into the night scene just to a flavour of authentic Cuba. Havana is of course the only place to go for some cocktails, music and fun. Here’s three recommendations:

  • Bar Montserrate. For a true Cuban night out in Havana, this is the one for you. The music pumps all night, the cocktails are delicious and often the DJs play traditional Cuban songs.
  • Café Bar Madrigal. This bar is quite hipster and focuses on being as arty as possible. This means that the interiors are nothing short of cool; big pop art canvasses, leather seating and dim lighting.
  • La Bodeguita del Medio. Located in Old Havana, this is one of the city’s most popula bars. The interiors are rich in its own history and there’s a great atmosphere.

Great food

Cuban food is memorable. Influenced by Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese and Portuguese cultures, traditional Cuban cuisine is slow cooked, marinated for days and tasty. There are a plethora of flavours here. Stews, tender meat, yucca and other Latin market type foods are all popular.

Jerk Chicken, Cuba

Jerk Chicken, Cuba

Rich heritage

Cuba is full of historical attractions and its cities haven’t changed much over the centuries. There are a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including in Havana, Cienfuegos and Camaguey. These are well preserved and the streets of Cuba sing with their own opulence. It’s a curious country and ripe for exploring.



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