Want to be an Aircraft Engineer?

Aircraft engineering

We have an exciting opportunity for those dreaming of a career as an aircraft engineer!

Are you enthusiastic about Engineering and Aviation? Are you looking forward to learning about the various aspects within Engineering and get your hands on real projects?

Have you just finished your GSCE’s, A-Levels or have Engineering experience? Then you don’t have to wait any longer because Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering is giving you the opportunity to gain a flying start in your career.

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Current Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering Apprentices Team

 Role details

37.5 hours a week
Competitive salary with annual holidays Residential personal development courses
Working in a great team to support you daily and in your ongoing career progress Additional benefits.


What we offer

For over 25 years our Aircraft Engineering team has proudly produced high calibre engineers through its respected Apprenticeship scheme.

Our Apprenticeships are known for their hands on approach and combining theoretical studies with real projects and tasks during your daily work life.

As an Apprentice you will have the chance to learn in the departments of Production, Projects, Quality, Powerplant and Planning during the course of the 3 years program and work in a team of experienced colleagues to perfect your Aircraft Engineering knowledge and skills.

During the first year you will learn all the theoretical technical aspects of Aircraft Engineering and refine your practical hand skills within a college environment.  This will equip you with the relevant skills for the second and third year, where you will be relocating to the Manchester Hangar to continue your training by learning from our experts in Aircraft Engineering.



The Apprenticeship we offer follows the Aircraft Maintenance Technician “Trailblazer” qualification standard and will prepare you for the EASA Part 66 Cat A Licence, which you will be able to obtain as soon as you are 21 years old.

This Apprenticeship is an exciting and excellent opportunity for a varied career with growth potential and progress within the Aviation industry.


Time for some fun

Take our A321 quiz and find out just how much you know about one of our key aircrafts


FAQ’s for Engineering Apprentice Scheme 2018


What type of training is offered to Engineering Apprentices at Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering?

The training follows the brand new Aircraft Maintenance Technician “Trailblazer” qualificationstandard and prepares the Apprentice for the EASA Cat A License, which can be taken at the age of 21 after finishing the Apprenticeship.


How long is the duration of the Apprenticeship and how is it structured?

The Apprenticeship lasts 3 years. The first year will cover all the theory for the technical aspects of Aircraft Engineering while the second and third year are practice oriented with a focus on real projects. Here you will be working in a team of Apprentices and our experts in Engineering to refine your skills.


Where will the training take place?

The training will take place within a College environment in the first year and continues with a relocation to the Manchester Hangar in your second and third year.


What is the salary of the Engineering Apprenticeship?

There is a competitive salary for Apprentices as well as additional benefits and residential development courses, to ensure that you are given the best support possible within Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering.


Is the training I receive recognised in the industry?

The training within the Apprenticeship is a certified Aircraft Maintenance Technician“Trailblazer” qualification and is designed and recognised within the industry.


Will I have an induction at the Hangar before I attend College for a year?

Yes, there will be a full induction at the Hangar so you know what to expect when returningafter a years’ worth of theoretical technical knowledge and skill practicing.


Will I be provided with a uniform?

Yes, all uniform and protective clothing is provided free of charge.


Will I be provided with tools?

You will be required to purchase your own tools, but we will help you to do that by advancing the cost upfront and paying back over a 3 year period.

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