Travel light – The art of packing

With the launch of our new Economy Light fare for long haul flights, we have put together the ultimate guide to packing light.


What’s the best way to avoid overpacking? get a smaller bag.  This might seem obvious however many people will buy the maximum size bag they can carry on – getting a smaller one will reduce the temptation to keep adding more things, and will force you to prioritise.


The Rules of Travelling Light

  1. Think like a traveller not a tourist

Tourists don’t travel light, to make to the most out of your hand luggage you have to think like a traveller. Here’s a few tips to get you started..

  • If you are staying in a hotel they will provide towels for you, however if you are not pack a microfibre towel, you can role them up small and they weigh practically nothing.
  • Evaluate each item and pack the must haves, not the nice to haves. Items such as ink and paper books (download to phones reader), jewellery (wear it), additional gadgets (invest in a phone that does everything), every little bit of space helps, so yes  clean all those old receipts out of your wallet.
  • Don’t pack a guidebook… not a tourist remember.


     2. If it doesn’t fit, wear it!

Make sure you wear a pair of shoes that you are comfortable enough with, to wear for the whole of your trip.  If you are travelling to a colder climate wear a jacket/coat with a jumper underneath – travelling to a warmer climate, wear an extra t-shirt, you can always take it off when you reach your final destination.



     3. Buy it later

Depending on where you are going there are very few places in world where you won’t be able to purchase the essential toiletries.  Instead of wrestling with your baggage allowance just purchase travel size, shower gel, shampoo and toothpaste when you arrive in destination then discard on the way back.

Alternatively depending on where you are staying, plenty of hotels offer all key wash bag essentials in your room, so make use of them!


    4. Lists, lists and more lists

In order to plan the minimal amount you can take in your hand luggage – it’s all about the list. It’s easy to forget the essentials without one, so make sure you plan ahead and have it ready before you start packing.


    5. When it comes to clothes think versatile

Merino wool and cotton clothes are great for travelling light, they are light weight and suitable for both warm and cold weather – they are also great for multiple wears and merino wool in particular doesn’t crease to badly.

It’s easier to pack lighter/less clothes if you are travelling to a warmer climate so I suggest book a flight to sunnier climes in winter.


More about our NEW Economy Light fare

The streamlined way to travel long haul.  Our new economy light fare enables you to pack ultra-light and pay less.   There’s no hold baggage included in the fare – and make sure you check in online from 24 hours before you fly.

This one’s for the travellers not the tourists.





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