Top tips for young flyers

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Travelling with young children can be a stressful experience if you’re not prepared, so we have put together some top tips to make sure your holiday starts as smoothly as possible.

This article has been taken out of the Thomas Cook Holiday Report, find out more about the report here: The Thomas Cook Holiday Report 2018


At the airport

  • Almost a third (28%) of British parents say security is their least favourite part of the airport experience when travelling with kids. But if you have a buggy, look out for the family fast lane at security to help this part of the journey.

  • Take your buggy right through security to the departure gate where airline staff will take it from you and return it to you at your destination.


  • Terminal One at Manchester Airport now has a breastfeeding area in departures, offering a quiet, private space for mums. Children can accompany them, or enjoy the kids’ TV area opposite with partners and siblings.


  • You can pre-order milk or medication and collect it from Boots after security. Ask in restaurants about warming milk as many will do this free of charge in hot water rather than the microwave.


On the flight

  • Give little ones a bottle on take-off and landing – the sucking helps them with pressure in the ears. Take lollipops for older kids.


  • Pack plenty of distractions and drip feed them throughout the journey so they don’t get bored: books, food, pencils and paper, playing cards, travel games.

Images by Gareth Jones

  • On long flights, keep a surprise goodie bag back until the last minute, just in case.


  • Pack a change of clothes and your child’s favourite blanket in hand luggage so you are ready for anything. As well as lots of wipes and extra bottles of water


  • Look out for the new children’s hot meals and meal boxes on Thomas Cook flights this summer, available to pre-book from £3.25. Little ones get a beach ball and first flight certificate onboard too.


  • If all else fails, make sure your tablet device is charged up and full of the latest games and your kids favourite TV shows.

Images by Gareth Jones



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