7 Places for family time in Dalaman

Places to Enjoy Family Time in Dalaman

Dalaman is one of the less known regions in Turkey. Often overshadowed by neighbours Bodrum and Marmaris, not many people know that Dalaman offers an array of different and quirky things to do. Fun for all the family, the beaches here are just as beautiful (and quieter), the history is just as interesting and weather is even better! Here are just a few things that the whole family will love doing on a trip to Dalaman.

Sarigerme Beach

1. Sarigerme Beach

This beach is simply stunning and relatively unknown. It is controlled by an organisation called SARCED which makes sure that the area remains good condition. You can tell as the waters and sand here are absolutely pristine. The local town of Sarigerme has all the amenities you can expect from a tourist town so tasty lunches are not far away.



2. Koycegiz

This is a lovely little lake-side town, just twenty minutes from central Dalaman. Again this spot remains largely unknown by tourists and it makes a great day out. Picturesque and rather quaint, the whole family will love coming here. Koycegiz is mainly a farming town and produces a wide range of fruit, olives and honey. Kids will love running by the nearby lake and between the orange groves. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a locally produced glass of wine.



3. Samanlik Bay

Definitely take a boat out and visit Samanlik Bay which is moments Dalaman’s coastline. It’s the perfect place to soak up some sun and children can safely dip into the waters here. The marine life under the water is incredible so make sure you bring snorkels. The harbour is simply stunning, full of yachts and little sailing boats.



4. Sultaniye Hot Springs & Baths

For a very different holiday experience head to these hot springs. Located on the southeast shore of Lake Köyceğiz, which is accessible from nearby Dalyan these hot springs are favourite of celebrities like Sting and David Bowie. If they are good enough for them, see what these rejuvenating hot waters can do for you! The bubbling mud baths nearby are rich in chloride, bromide and sodium. They are supposed to have many healing properties and are mildly radioactive. Take a dip in them and get caked in the thick brown mud!


5. Rock Tombs

On the way to the Hot Springs and Mud Baths you will go past the magnificent Rock Tombs that have built into the high cliffs around Dalaman. You can see these best from the river (on the way into Dalyan) and they are simply stunning – you’ll feel like you’re the next Indiana Jones. The tombs belonged to the Kings of Ancient Lycia and dated back the fourth century BC.


Stunning Cleopatra island in Dalaman

6. Swim in the Blue Lagoon

This is a nature reserve and you do have to pay a small fee to get in, but it is well worth it. The water here is very calm and perfect for swimming in. Children will love splashing around in the crystal clear waters. You can also hire kayaks and sun loungers – so make a day of it.


7. Explore Cleopatra Island

Cleopatra Island, or Sedir Adasi as it is known locally, is beautiful. The island itself is surrounded in soft-sanded beaches and is sprinkled with olive groves. Quite peaceful and serene in places, you can find the ruins of Cedreae here which date all the way back to Roman times. You may wonder why the island is named after the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. Legend has it that she and her lover, Mark Anthony, used to bathe on one of the beaches.


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