How to throw the perfect Mexican Fiesta

Thinking of throwing your very own Mexican Fiesta? Well you’ll want to include some of these fun activities, colourful decorations and tasty treats to make sure your guests think your fiesta party is numero uno!



Make Your Own Piñata

Kids and adults alike love a piñata party but why buy one when you can be original and make your own?

  • Start by drawing your shape on cardboard – a donkey, cactus or star is the most traditional but you can decide on any style.
  • After you’ve drawn your shape, cut two identical versions of it plus some long strips of cardboard.
  • Tape these strips to the edges of your two shapes to create a box – don’t forget to leave a hole at the top for the sweets!
  • Now you can decorate! Paper fringe is the easiest and most colourful way to decorate your piñata but you can add glitter, sequins and streamers to add even more excitement.
  • When you’ve finished, fill it with sweets and prepare for the carnage to ensue!


Cut Out a Papel Picado

Papel picado, which means ‘peckered paper’, is a Mexican folk craft which involves cutting tissue into various designs, much like the way we make paper snowflakes at Christmas!

Papel Picado designs make great banners for decoration or a fun activity to do at your party. All you need is coloured tissue paper and some sharp scissors or an art scalpel. Fold and cut the paper to create pretty designs to hang up or take home.

Tacos and magarita

Serve Tacos and Margaritas

Mexican food is always a winner and no fiesta is complete without a feast!

  • Tacos are an easy but tasty Mexican treat and are made by frying beef mince with salsa until the meat turns brown. The mixture is then heaped into warmed taco shells along with salad, grated cheese, sour crème and guacamole for a simple but spicy sensation.
  • Wash it all down with a traditional margarita or two. These zesty cocktails are created with two parts tequila to one part Cointreau or triple sec and one part fresh lime juice. Dust the rim of the glass with salt or sugar or serve frozen for a cool twist on the original.

Calavera Mask

Colour a Calavera Mask

These colourful masks are called Calavera or Caleta and represent the vibrant sugar skulls of the Mexican Day of the Day festival. Making your own is remarkably easy and just requires some card, elastic and coloured marker pens or card.

Print a template from the internet or draw your own skull shape on card then colour it in or cut and stick coloured card to decorate. You can even add sparkly bits or streamers to make it extra festive. Once you’re done, cut the skull out and attach elastic then it’s ready to wear!


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