The Great Flight Debate: Window seat vs aisle seat

Where you sit on a flight can be a big deal. Depending on your preference it can really get your trip off to the right start – and there are pros and cons to every seat on the plane.. Sit by the window and you can look forward to some breath-taking views, while the aisle seat gives you maximum freedom to get up and stretch. And as for the middle seat… come back to us on that one.

And it’s clear that where to sit sparks quite a debate among travellers. According to our research, 61% of travellers prefer the window seat–but we’re not quite ready to put this debate to rest.

Even those that travel together are divided on the discussion – so we wanted to hear both sides to the window vs aisle debate from two experts. Enter travel bloggers and newly engaged couple Chloe (Wanderlust Chloe) and Macca (An Adventurous World), who can rack up well over 100 flights between them each year. They seem to agree on most things, but there is one thing that still divides them– where to sit on the plane. Let’s hear their arguments…

For the aisle seat: Macca Sherifi

“The best seat on a plane by a million miles is the aisle seat. Why? Simple: quick access to the toilet and more leg room.

As a travel blogger, I fly a lot – around 50 to 100 flights per year (don’t worry, I am part of an initiative that plants trees to help offset my carbon footprint). That means I have a lot of experience on where’s best to sit on a plane.

If it’s a short flight of a couple of hours then sure, the window seat is great. You’ve got the views, you’ve got your own space, you can switch off from everything going on around you. But anything longer than a couple of hours – that’s when there’s a problem.

Macca, loving the aisle

Recently I was on a redeye flight back from Thailand and I had been randomly allocated the window seat. Despite not having drunk much all day, I still woke up in the dead of night bursting for the toilet. I looked across me and I had not one, but two people to climb over– two! I wasn’t even going to attempt it.

Being very British about the whole situation, I tapped the guy next to me and started profusely apologising for needing to go to the toilet at 4am. I could feel the hatred radiating off him in waves.

That’s why, when given the choice, I always go for the aisle seat. I can stretch my legs out into the aisle, I can get up and walk around when restless, and I can take 4am toilet trips without feeling like I’ve committed a cardinal sin.

So, there you have it – the unequivocal proof of why the aisle seat is the best…I’ll trust you’ll make the right decision the next time you fly?!”


For the window seat: Chloe Gunning

“The window seat wins every time. Why travel if you can’t see where you’re going?

For me, part of the joy of my adventures is getting lost in the incredible world outside the plane window.

I’m the one shrieking “Oh look, there are the snow-capped Alps!” and “Wow, I can see the Hollywood sign!” A friend of mine even spotted the Northern Lights from their window seat flying back from Canada recently! Imagine being stuck by the aisle watching the drinks trolley going past for the tenth time while the person two seats away is watching the best light show on the planet?

On long haul flights, the window seat allows you to fully cocoon yourself, with zero interruptions. No one tapping you on the shoulder to ask if they can get out to go to the toilet, or, worse still, waking up to find someone straddling you as they try to clamber over you. In the window, you can rest your head too, and switch off entirely. What could be a more relaxing way to nod off than listening to some relaxing tunes while watching fluffy clouds passing by outside?

But one of my favourite things about the window seat? The views of Central London as you follow the Thames towards Heathrow Airport. Nothing says ‘I’m home’ like a Lego-sized Tower Bridge, Shard and Buckingham Palace coming into view. That sight alone proves the window seat is the best seat on a flight!”


So…which seat wins?

We tried once again to settle the window vs aisle seat debate. We even enlisted the most frequent of flyers to help us along. But we’re just not ready to shut the aircraft door on this one quite yet.

While the opposing positions of our duo might work in their favour when it comes to flying together, it doesn’t quite settle our debate. Join the debate and have your say over on Facebook, and keep an eye out for one last decider where we’ll name the best seat on the fleet and settle the Great Flight Debate once and for all.



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