Takeover my trip

Ever wanted to take control of someone else’s holiday?

Welcome to ‘Takeover my trip’, a three-part travel series focusing on some of our most popular and loved destinations, Majorca, New York and Turkey.

We need your help to inspire and influence our presenters on their holiday choices and be a part of their journey.  You will be in complete control of all aspects of their trip, from the plane ride – window seat or aisle, meal or no meal – to their activities, what they eat and the places they visit while in destination.

Over the course of all three trips, you will be making all the decisions via our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – the option with the most votes wins and our presenters must obey, choose wisely!

So, keep an eye out for our first ‘Take over my trip’ journey to the fabulous Majorca, voting starts on the 24th June and it’s off to Majorica on the 2nd July 2019.



Our Presenters

Majorca trip

Taking on Majorca we have Samira Mighty, ex-Love Islander and presenter #takeovermytrip #toomanyhashtags #itsloveislandtaketwo

Samira Mighty



New York trip

Taking a bite out of the big apple, New York, we have Ben Shires, comedian and TV presenter.

Ben Shires


Turkey trip

And finally, we have Alex Winters, ex-CBeebies presenter taking on one of our favourite destinations, Antalya, Turkey.

Alex Winters




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