Q&A with Jon Walling – LGBT Cabin Crew Special

LGBT Cabin Crew Interview special

This time we grilled Jon Walling cabin crew for Thomas Cook Airlines about work, life and how to enjoy Manchester Pride weekend!


1) Why did you want to be a flight attendant?

I applied after years of working on the ground for Swissport. I wanted a change, as much as the airport environment is always hustle and bustle the thrill of being able to travel and see so many different places was an amazing thought. I never thought I would be the one pointing out my exits and serving duty free but you know what… I love it!

Thomas Cook Airlines plane

2) What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working with so many different people.  We have some fantastic crew that work for Thomas Cook Airlines and no day is EVER the same, it really is the cabin crew and flight crew that can turn a troublesome shift into a really enjoyable one.  The other benefit is that our passengers change on every destination.  It’s a new face and a new personality to engage with, finding out all their plans for their holiday or finding out what they did whilst they were away on their return flight.  Its fantastic!


3) Would you say that Cabin Crew and the travel industry in general is a particularly LGTB friendly industry to work in?

Absolutely! I think we have to be one of the most open minded industries going! I think that its nothing to do with your sexuality, it’s all about you as a person. and that is why the cabin crew team gel so well, because nobody is interested if you are Gay, Straight, Bi or Trans. They are simply interested in getting to know you as an individual.


4) Would you say Thomas Cook Airlines is a good company to work for, and does it have a good LGTB network and social scene?

Thomas Cook is a great airline to work for, personally I am unaware of any social scenes for the LGBT Crew but to be honest most of us are mates and if we fancied organising something I am sure it could be done!  I think that Thomas Cook Airlines being involved in Manchester Pride for the second year running is a great commitment from the company to show not only its employees but also our customers that we are a LGBT friendly airline and we do care about the people within our business and what they stand for.

FullSizeRender (5)

5) Why do you think there’s a general perception outside of the industry that most male flight attendants are Gay?

I think so yes. But we have some very dishy straight guys for the girls too!


6) Where would you say out of all the destinations Thomas Cook Airlines UK fly to is the most LGBT friendly and why?

I would say Gran Canaria.  The island has a huge gay scene and hosts two fantastic gay pride events every year attracting thousands of Gay tourists to the island from all over europe.


Any particular hotels that you would recommend saying in that are particularly LGBT friendly?

My personal favourite is The Sentido Gran Canaria Princess Hotel, it’s just stunning!


Any great bars or clubs to would recommend going to?

Sparkles Showbar in the Yumbo Centre, Playa Del Ingles is a top class drag comedy bar with some hilarious queens! Or dance the night away in Coco Loco! There is so much to choose from you can’t go wrong!

Any groups or trips you would recommend LGTB travellers join?

A day trip to the capital Las Palmas! Check out the shops, the food and the history! well worth a visit!

Vegueta Gran Canaria

Vegueta Gran Canaria

7) Have you ever felt particularly uncomfortable in any of the destinations we fly to, and are there any you would recommend LGTB travellers to avoid?  

I have never felt the need to avoid any of our destinations. I would just keep some things discreet especially in the Caribbean. It will avoid any unnecessary confrontation with the locals!



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