Bringing People Together With PRIDE

This year will be our fifth year supporting Manchester PRIDE and LGBT+ equality at Thomas Cook Airlines.  To celebrate we’ve redesigned our iconic Sunny Heart logo into a diverse series of holding hands.

The illustrations by Spanish duo Cachetejack represent diversity and LGBT+ equality with the coming together of couples, regardless of nationality, gender, religion and sexuality.


Holding hands is an important benchmark for any relationship, but especially within the LGBTQ+ community. Often, what is a gesture that can be taken for granted, it is still something that is approached carefully or even avoided by some LGBTQ+ couples.

Although the world we live in has benefitted massively from the Stonewall Riots 50 years ago, in some parts of the world the outward gesture of holding hands with your loved one can lead to derision.

For some people, this isn’t just a relationship benchmark – but also a gesture of love, acceptance, support and strength in each other.

We’re proud to support and hold true to our values, so for us, holding hands fits perfectly as a symbol of our support for a diverse world.   It’s a universal symbol of unity, reflecting the importance of “bringing people together with Pride” regardless of their gender, race or sexuality

As a company, we have long supported diversity and inclusion among our staff and customers and actively recruit diverse talent and skills.

Christoph Debus, CEO of Thomas Cook Airlines said, “Diversity is in our DNA. We fly our customers all over the world and we don’t just want to get them from A to B. We want to connect people regardless of their sexuality, gender or race. We believe in a future where everyone can be who they want to be and travel the world while doing so.”




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