5 places you must visit in St Lucia

St Lucia

Many people visit St Lucia for the towering volcanic peaks of the Pitons. It goes without saying that St Lucia is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. It is postcard-perfect in every way, full of fishing villages, lush rainforests, waterfalls, mountains and harbours. For a really colourful holiday, jump aboard a plan to St Lucia. Here’s what you should definitely tick off the itinerary list once you’re on Caribbean soil.

1. Sulphur springs park

This park is in the crater of the Soufriere volcano. The crater itself is part of a separated and fenced off section of hot rocks, steam and hot rock pools. The atmosphere here is quite earie as the pools’ behaviour and appearance is dictated by the moon. At every full moon these pools turn into geysers and are shadowy. Steam is usually always rising from the pools but it’s a bad sign if there isn’t any – it means an explosion might be brewing!

Soufriere Volcano, St Lucia

Soufriere Volcano, St Lucia

2. Pigeon Island

This is a lovely spot. Pigeon Island used to be an actual island but since a causeway was built in the 1970s it has become part of main St Lucia. There are plenty of marked trails here which are designed to help visitors explore the ruins of Fort Rodney, which was built back in the 18th century by the British. The climb to the top of the fort is fairly steep but the view is totally worth it. You’ll see the whole of St Lucia from up here. The view is so excellent that during the Second World War it was converted into a US signal station. Make sure you also visit one of the island’s many excellent beaches.

St Lucia

Gros Islet, St Lucia

3. Rainforest Ariel Tram

St Lucia is full of amazing scenery and the Rainforest Ariel Tram is a great way to experience it. Eight-seated gondolas carry visitors up and down the mountainside over the rainforest canopy. You’ll see a remarkable array of flora up here like giant ficus trees, palms and colourful plants. The experience is quite calm and serene and great for one of those quieter holiday days. You can liven it up by zip lining down the mountain side after though.

4. Boucan by Hotel Chocolat’s Tree to Bar Experience

If you like chocolate than you’re more than likely to have heard of Hotel Chocolat. The company produces high quality chocolate using the cocoa beans grown on St Lucia and it is heavily invested in the healthy production of the beans across the island. The whole chocolate production is explained on the great Tree to Bar Experience: you start on the estate and watch the cocoa grafting process and then (under a chef’s watchful eye) you wil get to turn cocoa nibs into bars of chocolate.

Ripe cocoa fruit hanging from a tree in tropical Saint Lucia

Ripe cocoa fruit hanging from a tree in tropical Saint Lucia

5. Marigot Bay

This is a deep natural harbour surrounded with mangroves and hills. The level of beauty here is absolutely astonishing and the bay is often visited by fancy yachts. While every part of the bay is remarkable, one of the best places to experience it from is the Capella Marigot Bay Hotel or one of the many bars that sit on the pretty marinas.Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia



  • Oliver says:

    I loved reading your blog. I have been to St. Lucia so many times and I absolutely love the place 🧡 St. Lucia is extremely beautiful and UNIQUE in so many ways with so many things to do and so many sites to see.
    Your blog brought back all the good memories.
    Thank you for writing this 🙂

  • Kausar says:

    Loved these tips! So very helpful. We have been twice and are now planning a trip with the kids. So excited and thankful for these tips!

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