Participant Interviews – First time flyer

In January 2019, we partnered with hypnotist, Aaron Calvert, to give frequent flyers a ‘first time’ flying experience, with the hope that they would fall back in love with flying again.

The participants spent eight hours under hypnosis and experienced every element of air travel as if for the first time, here’s what they had to say about the experience.

The Participants

Jo Cattini from Hemel Hempstead, 47.  Jo has been on more than 30 flights, taking a couple of family holidays a year.

Lee and Jade Evans, 30 and 29, from Portsmouth are regulars on planes – with Lee’s job as a project planner taking him on monthly flights to Scotland and Europe.

James Jebson, a 36-year-old photographer from Blackpool flys 18 times a year on average.

Chef Murray Tweddle, 32, of Kinross flys 24 times a year on average.


Jo Cattini

How was your overall experience?

Incredible! the whole experience Murry Tweddle age 32   

A real range of emotions – it makes you realise how incredible flying is, and it’s open to everyone not just for the rich elite, we are so lucky that we can all fly.  The fact you can fly anywhere in the world is truly amazing – James Jebson age 36

Interesting, amazing,– it’s really brought back that love of flying. It was genuinely as though I had never been anywhere on a plane before which allowed me to enjoy all of the things we take for granted as frequent flyers. – Joanne Cattini (age 47)

The whole experience was really exciting, truly amazing and enlightening – no phones or clocks made us pay attention to the journey, which went really fast – Jade and Lee Evans

Lee is usually moody when flying but not this flight! Maybe he needs to be hypnotised every time?! Jade Evans (age 29)


Lee and Jade Evans


What would you say to people that have never been hypnotised before, and who may be a bit sceptical?

 Do it, it’s an incredible experience. I have eaten food today I have never eaten before in my life – it must work – you need to try it and see – Murry Tweddle age 32 

I’m usually the first person to say that it must be fake! – I guarantee 100% it’s the strangest, beautiful and bazaar experience, I remember everything that was being suggested and I was trying to fight it. It’s so difficult to explain. – James Jebson age 36

Murray Tweddle


What’s it like being hypnotised?

I really like being hypnotised, I’m a control freak so someone else taking over gives me a sense of peace. It’s really enjoyable – Joanne Cattini (age 47)

It’s strange because subconsciously you know you have flown before but you just can’t express it – you forget your name.  Life seemed blurred, in fact the whole experience is now a blur like it never really happened – Jade and Lee Evans

James Jebson


Has it made it appreciate flying more?

Yes! We were treated really well.  Just appreciating the service, the plane itself and the little things – seeing the views from the window all makes you realise how amazing flying is.   To be above the clouds is an incredible experience – Murry Tweddle age 32 



What would you say to someone that hasn’t flown before?

 Do it!  It will change your life – any apprehensions you might have are understandable but don’t let it hold you back! – James Jebson age 36

 Go for it – nothing to be scared on don’t leave it too late – Joanne Cattini (age 47)

 Sit back, relax and enjoy it. It’s amazing we can do this and have the planes to take us on holiday – Jade and Lee Evans



Has it made you fall in love with flying again?

Definitely. I want a holiday now! I might go back to Tunisia again. – Murry Tweddle age 32 

 I have totally fallen in love with flying again – James Jebson age 36


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