Jump for duty free

Airshoppen delivered to your door


Ok so 12:00 now so we have to come clean about this April fool.

There is unfortunately no magic loophole where you can get duty free at home by jumping in the air. We did try though!

We hope you enjoyed the duty free giveaway, that is real. We will be sending the prizes to the lucky winners today.

If you are flying with us you can still order your duty free ahead of time with Airshoppen and get it delivered to your seat.

Original post:

With Thomas Cook Airlines you can already order your duty free the moment you book your flight and it’s delivered straight to your seat when you come to fly. That’s our Airshoppen service.

We thought… how can we take this even further? Duty free not just to your seat, but to your front door.

Next. Level. Duty. Free-er…

By becoming airborne for a few moments whilst the transaction takes place, our customers are therefore exempt from the duty of the land.

Just #Jump4DutyFree. Genius.

Duty Free Giveaway

To celebrate this breakthrough we’re giving away 45 duty free prizes.

To go in the draw for a prize all you need to do is:

1. Choose an item from the list of Airshoppen prizes below.

2. Comment with your choice and use #Jump4DutyFree on our Facebook post or tweet it to us @TCAirlinesUK using #Jump4DutyFree.

3. 20 winners will be chosen at 10:00 and 25 winners will be chosen at 12:00 on April 1 2016.

The prizes are:

2 Powerbank Charger

2 Wireless Speakers

2 Polaroid Unisex Sports Sunglasses

1 Andre Piasso Bracelet Set

2 Brush Sets

1 Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

1 Marc Jacobs Daisy

1 Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh

1 Marc Jacobs Miniatures Coffret

1 Marc Jacobs Miniatures Coffret Daisy family

1 Lancome La Vie Est Belle

1 Lancome Tresor

1 Lancome La Nuit Tresor

1 Lancome Tresor in Love

1 Lancome Best of Fragrances

1 Calvin Klein Eternity

2 Calvin Klein Euphoria

1 Calvin Klein Eternity NOW

1 Calvin Klein Coffret

1 Calvin Klein Reveal for Men

1 Calvin Klein Free Energy

1 Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Men

2 Calvin Klein Miniatures Coffret

2 Ralph Lauren Big Pony

1 Polo Quatro Collection

1 Ralph Lauren Pony Blue

1 Ralph Lauren Polo Red

1 Armani Eau De Cedre

1 Armani Acqua Di Gio

1 Armani Code

1 Armani Sport Code

1 Armani  Miniature Coffret

1 Swarovski Slake Bracelet Rose

1 Arezzo Leather Bracelet

1 Bjorn Borg Leila Shopper

1 Radley Passport Cover

2 Smartphone Lens Set

Terms & Conditions apply.



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