Guest Post – What Gives Me #LoveAtFirstFlight by Emily Luxton

What Gives Me #LoveAtFirstFlight

As a travel blogger, I tend to travel rather a lot. In fact, while I write this I’m surrounded by the debris of my half-packed suitcase as I get ready for a flight to Spain tomorrow. But travelling frequently hasn’t made it any less of a special occasion for me! Every time I fly, I look forward to the journey with the same anticipation and excitement that I did the first time I ever boarded a plane.

Love food

Love food

One of the things I look forward to most about visiting a new destination, the thing that really gets my heart racing, is food. I love to experience a new culture in every way possible, but most importantly I like to experience it “like a local” – as much as being a tourist will allow – and to me that means through food. Whether it’s biting into an authentic Italian pizza in Naples, or munching my way through Catalan tapas in Costa Brava, the one thing that’s sure to get me excited about any new destination is the cuisine. I always look up the national dish, or any local speciality, and make sure to try that as soon as I can.

Before I leave I browse travel blogs online and I always tweet to my followers for top recommendations, but for me the real excitement begins when I’m finally buckled into my seat on the plane and pick up the in-flight magazine. I love browsing for travel recommendations, tips on where and what to eat, and information about new bars and restaurants – especially if by some happy coincidence there’s a feature about my destination in that edition.  As soon as the plane starts taxiing, my mind has already arrived at my destination; anticipating all the smells, sights, and – most importantly – tastes that I’m about to experience. It’s always an exciting feeling!


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