DIY Carnival Queen: Part II Makeup Tutorial

If you’re heading to Tenerife for the Santa Cruz Carnival, you’ll want to think about a costume and no costume is complete without some extravagant makeup. Take a look at some carnival pictures or magazines before you start to get an idea of the look you want, but remember bolder is better at carnival!

Step 1: Create a Base

Carnival makes for hot work, all that dancing and smiling in the sun – you’ll want a solid base of foundation to stop your makeup sliding off!

Apply a primer first to hold your foundation in place then dot the foundation around your face and blend out, paying particular attention to your t-zone where makeup can become shiny on a hot day. Finish by applying powder in liberal amounts, it will help set your face for the whole carnival.


Step 2: Contouring and Blusher

Don’t leave your face looking bare – apply some contouring under your cheekbones and some blusher to the apples of your cheeks. Smile while you work – not only will it help you to apply in the right places, it will also get you in that happy carnival mood.

Make up brush

Step 3: Extravagant Eyeshadow

Choose a few colours which work well together, hot pink and canary yellow, purple and silver, and royal blue and gold all work well – the brighter the better, but don’t go for too many colours at once, you don’t want to look like a cartoon character!

When doing your eyeshadow start with the lighter colours first. Apply a pale base colour like silver, gold or white to the entire eye area focussing on the inner corners, then build up colour slowly from light to dark, using the darkest colours to accentuate the eyelid crease and outer corners of the eye. Once you’ve blocked out the colours, blend blend blend – it’s the key to any successful eyeshadow look. Finish with black or coloured eyeliner and false eyelashes to add definition and drama to the look.


Step 4: Loud Lipstick

Go wild with your lipstick, carnival is the best place to try bold, bright colours, just make sure it complements your eyeshadow – pink, red or purple lips go with most looks. Apply a couple of coats and bring the lipstick out with you if you can for top ups later on, you’ll be doing plenty of smiling, singing, and eating and drinking so you’ll probably need it!



Step 5: Sparkles Galore

Now for the best bit – sparkles! Many makeup brands do gel glitters which are easy to use, or go DIY by applying a thin layer of fake eyelash glue followed by your chosen loose glitter. Sequins, rhinestones and gems finish off the look and can be added in the same way. Add them around the eyes and forehead in a starburst shape for a real carnival queen vibe.

Tenerife’s Santa Cruz Carnival is the place to be for extravagant costumes and makeup so get practicing ready for February 2016 when the celebrations start!


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