Diving in: The best of what lies beneath Egypt’s Red Sea

A Breath-Taking Look at Egypt's Underwater Life

Take the plunge and go diving in Egypt, one of the best places to see and experience fantastic marine life. If you’re keen on the natural world and would like to get a proper diving experience, there’s no better place. The Red Sea is a haven for a host of marine life, coral reef and spectacular colours. But what lies beneath the waves isn’t restricted to just marine life – divers can find sunken wrecks too.


Safety first
Remember though that you need to be careful when diving, not just because you’re diving into the world of animals you won’t have experienced before (and this is their home) but because diving can be dangerous – always make sure you are with other people and if you’re inexperienced go with a professional. This way you’ll know that you have the right equipment and exploring the safer areas of the sea.

Where are the main diving spots in Egypt?


A Breath-Taking Look at Egypt’s Underwater Life

There are simply hundreds of diving spots off the coast of Egypt. It’s best to go into well-swam territory however as these areas will be safer – it doesn’t mean there’s less to see. There are a few main diving sites:
• Northern Egypt: El Gouna and Hurghada
• Mainland Egypt: Marsa Alam and El Quseir
• Sinai Peninsula: Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab
Where you decide to go might be dictated by a few other factors. For example, the sites located in the north are closer to Cairo and Luxor which is where the main tourist attractions are.

Swimming with the fishes
You won’t believe the sheer amount of marine life you’ll see in any of the dive sites but it does differ from region to region. If you opt for a quieter area to go diving (slightly off the beaten track) you’ll be most likely to see:
• Shoals of brightly coloured fish
• Dugongs
• Dolphins
• Giant groupers
If you head to a more popular dive area you can expect to see:
• Turtles
• Stingrays
• Octopodes
• Eels
Of course, the beauty of diving is that there’s no limitation to what you might see beneath the waves!

There be pirates
Did you know that there are approximately 20 large scale wrecks underneath the Red Sea? These are great fun to explore. Not only do they look incredibly impress lying in their fallen glory under the ocean but thousands of fish use the wrecks as resting places. The main wrecks in the Red Sea include:
• The Agia Varvara
• The Aida
• The Carnatic
• SS Dacca
• The Chrisoula K
• The Dunraven
• SS Thistledorm

SS Thistledorm was a British merchant navy built ship (sunk 1941) and is now one of the most popular diving sites in the Red Sea. Divers who take the plunge will be able to see features like anti-aircraft guns and parts of the old cargo trucks.

Diving can be a surreal and quite moving experience. Whenever possible, take an underwater camera to capture some truly astonishing moments. Once you reach the surface, it will all seem like a dream.

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