Cats on a plane

Quality Ken in the aisle of a plane

We believe your holiday time is special. That’s why we go out of our way to enjoy having you on board and to ensure you and your loved ones have the best possible flight.

But don’t take our word for it. To ensure we deliver on our promises and make sure your holiday starts as soon as you board, we’ve put together the purr-fect team of testers. They’ve put our revamped planes, top notch crew and award winning service through their paces. It’s a vital role that ensures we always maintain our high standards. They may be furry and cute but they’re professional, demanding and used to getting their way.

Meet our furry testing team

Quality Ken

Quality Ken the cat on a plane

Age: 34
Hometown: Bristol
Favourite holiday activity: Chasing butterflies
Special skills: Looking grumpy no matter his mood
Testing brief: Lasting comfort on long haul direct flights

Quality Ken is a total cynic, he’s hard to impress and he knows it. He plays his cards close to his chest – he hates to show anyone what he’s really thinking… even if it’s good!

Ken’s lived a quiet life, he’s the eldest of 18 brothers and sisters…always the most reliable. He doesn’t often let his hair down.

Ken is one of those cats who’s ashamed of his feline instincts. Behaving cat-like demeans the air of authority he has worked so hard to achieve.

The Stray Siblings

Stray Sibling kittens on a plane

Age: 10
Hometown: Glasgow
Favourite holiday activity: Making new friends at the cat club
Special skills: More energy than the Energizer bunny
Testing brief: Friendly and helpful cabin crew

Ben, Jane and Alice Stray are 3 siblings. They’re well known as the toughest, most challenging and rowdy bunch of testers… and they know it.

They know how to push the buttons of cabin crew and how to truly stress test the friendly customer service.

Princess Pamper

Princess pamper the cat on a plane


Age: 25
Hometown: Manchester
Favourite holiday activity: Pool side grooming
Special skills: Different eye colours for extra cuteness
Testing brief: Spacious wider seats

Princess Pamper (Pamps to her friends) is a lover of the finer things in life.

She was chosen because she’s renowned for her demanding demeanor.

For Pamps to be happy she requires a certain set of guidelines to be adhered to. If all her needs are met, it’s a smooth ride for everyone.

Behind the scenes

Unfortunately you won’t be bumping into this feline bunch on board as this was just a one off exception for thorough testing purposes. We don’t allow pets on board our flights, with the exception of assistance dogs of course.

For more cat antics and our upcoming behind the scenes video visit our Facebook page.



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