Carnival Fiesta Event – Exploring Tenerife’s Carnival

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You may have seen we have gone a bit carnival crazy here at Sunny Skies – and that’s because one of our favourite destinations has one of the biggest in the world! You may know Tenerife for it’s all year sun and great beaches, but it’s also home to the greatest Carnival outside of Brazil, occurring every January. With kick off only a few months away, we’re gearing up to enjoy the mega celebrations so you are supplied with all the info you need to enjoy the event on the island or at home.

Last Tuesday we practiced the festivities first hand with some of our favourite bloggers at our Carnival Fiesta at Barrio East. Guests were invited to join the TCA team and Cabin Crew for an evening of extravagant activities to unleash their inner Carnival Queen or King. Welcoming drinks allowed us to get straight into the sun soaked spirit with Mojitos helping to whisk us away from the London October evening outdoors to the streets of the Canaries.




Shortly after arrival, our Samba maestros Leny and Romero treated us to a stunning and sizzling performance in full regalia, even inviting some of the audience to the floor to shake their hips. This was a prelude to the Samba classes everyone got to enjoy throughout the night, where everyone was able to flex to the rhythm of the Latin inspired beats. The official Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife features over 100 dance and musical groups, or ‘Comparas’, showing off similar moves, and in 2016 they’ll be decked out in amazing outfits inspired by the theme of ‘the roaring 80s’.

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After the stunning welcoming performance, our guests were split into 5 different groups to explore the Carnival from all angles. As mentioned, the first activity was a Samba starter lessons, with the help of some fun accessories. Even the bartender couldn’t resist a Carnival crown for the evening!




For weary feet we had our Thomas Cook Airlines team and Cabin crew on hand to chat about upcoming blogger opportunities and the joy of travel, along with Enrique from the Tenerife Tourist board to help attendees learn more about Carnival..

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To add lots of flavor to the night was our drinks and food area, with custom appetizers inspired by the Canaries and a cocktail making class for guest to learn the tips of the trade…including more than one instance of flames!




You may have noticed by now that our beautiful friends are looking Carnival-ified – that’s because everyone had the chance to make their own headdresses at our craft stall – which just happened to be the very cute and VIP campervan at Barrio. Everyone showed off their creative with styles just as unique as they are. We also had a makeup area for the chance to go all out with bright colours, face gems and glitter to create the full Carnival look.


To end the night we went out with a bang – and a wallop – as we took turns attacking our fish pinatas in the spirit of the Sardine effigies used in Tenerife. Smashing the piñatas was so much fun, we recommend adding one to any party as a great stress reliever!




We hope everyone had as much fun as we did at the #CarnivalFiesta and look forward to joinign one of our lucky bloggers at the Carnival in January. If you feel like experiencing the amazing event for yourself, Thomas Cook Airlines offer flights to Tenerife South from 10 UK airports, for as low as £38.99.

You can explore the social media from the night below on our tagboard – and feel free to join in the fun with your own carnival pics using the hashtag #CarnivalFiesta


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