Can I bring … in my hand luggage?

Have you ever wondered if you can bring a toaster on your next flight? Maybe not but someone has. For those items that you’re just not sure about and can’t find the answer to in our FAQ we have compiled a helpful list. Below are some of the more popular and helpful questions and answers.

For general luggage allowances for our flights please see our hand luggage guidelines or items not permitted in hand lugagge sections.

Q. Can I bring cross stitching or knitting needles on as hand luggage?

A. Sorry but this one is a no. Knitting needles are not allowed in hand luggage.

Q. Can I bring a microwave in hand luggage?

A. Microwaves won’t be allowed in the cabin as they break our safety regulations, due to the electrical power outlet. However, you can take it as checked hold luggage as long as it fits.

Q. Can I bring an extra bag as well as my hand luggage?

A. Yes you may bring a small handbag, laptop/tablet or umbrella as well as your hand luggage.

Q. Can I bring a bag of chalk (for rock climbing) in hand luggage?

If it’s powdered chalk it’s very possible that security would want to test this which could cause hold ups as you go through security. Our advice is to buy some where you’re going or if you really do need to bring it put it in hold luggage.

Q. Can I bring spare camera batteries on the flight?

A. There are different requirements depending on the type of batter and if you are carrying them as spares or not. Please refer to the detailed information from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Q. Can I bring a drone on my flight?

A. If taking as hold luggage the batteries must be transported as part of the hand luggage. Flexible rubber blades can be included as part of the hand luggage, all others must be put in the hold luggage(if they have no hold luggage then we can’t accept it if the blades are not rubber).

Q. Can I bring scissors with me in my hand luggage? 

A. Yes, you can take scissors as long as the blades do not exceed 6cm in length.

Q. My wife needs a way to bring her wedding dress home after our wedding can you help?

A. We allow couples getting married abroad an additional hand baggage allowance of 5kg each. This can be split over two bags or you can combine allowance and bring one bag with a max weight of 10kg. All hand baggage still needs to be within the size restrictions of (H) 55cm x (W) 40cm x (D) 20cm.

Q. Can I take powdered make up in my hand luggage?

A. Yes powdered make up is fine to bring on as hang luggage.

Q. Can I bring food in my carry on case?

A. Yes food is fine to bring on board, just make sure there are no liquids over 100ml and that any liquids are stored correctly.

Q. Can I take a pram that collapses in two separate parts for child.

A. Yes that is fine, you are allowed to bring a pram as part of a child or infant booking.

Q. Can I take an inhaler in hand luggage?

A. Inhalers are allowed in hand luggage.

Q. Can I take GHDs in my hand luggage.

A. Yes GHDs are fine to bring on board.

Q. Can I take a 4 slice toaster in my hand luggage?

A. Interestingly yes you can take a toaster in your hand luggage as long as it fits into the size and weight restrictions.

Q. Can I take a power pack/bank in my hand luggage?

A. Yes power banks under 100wh are allowed on most flights and have to be carried in hand luggage and are not to be checked in.

Q. Can I take my vape box and liquid in hand luggage?

A. Electronic/water vapour cigarettes are allowed to be carried on the plane and not allowed in checked luggage. However you are not allowed to smoke the e-cigarettes during the flight.


If you have a question about items to bring on board, try our FAQs or ask our team on Twitter or Facebook.


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