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We’re currently hiring cabin crew for our 2018 schedule!

We’re now flying to more and more destinations, which means more variety and travel experiences for you. Our flights depart around the clock, seven days a week from a variety of UK airports.

If you have excellent communication skills and boundless energy and enthusiasm why not apply today to become part of the Thomas Cook Airlines team. See full job description for details on what to consider before applying and some minimum requirements.

Cabin crew jobs available at a range of UK airports


Thomas Cook Airlines cabin crew


  • Victoria stanton says:

    It states that you can have no gaps in education or work for 5 years , I am interested to know if this includes being a housewife ?

  • My daughter works for Thomas Cook has a great personality and was devastated last year to be told at 5.1 she was too small. If there is heels in uniform I still think this is discrimination as some crew members are chubby and yet they are recruited. Just sending my thoughts as we fly with you every year.

    • Martha Jones says:

      Being tall enough is actually to do with safety, I.e. Not being tall enough to see into a hatbin and identity a fire for example. Being ‘chubby’ is not really relevant is it, unless you can’t fit down the aisle or into the jumpseat.

  • Gav says:

    A new entrants trainer on the A330 to do longhaul, or is it just shorthaul for the season?

  • kuwan says:

    My names are kuwan odette. I’m from Africa precisely cameroon based in cameroon. It’s my dream of becoming a cabin crew and I think I got what it takes to be there. Now it’s the means.i have tried to no avail. Since in my country us just so difficult and when I even go online search apply they say they don’t employ foreigners. Please help me if not my dream will die as I’m already 28 years old

  • Laura kennan says:

    I have just had my assessment day for Manchester, was the best day ever! The team and people i met were all so friendly. Just waiting to hear back.

    With regards to the lady that made the comment about her daughter not being heigh enough, it’s for safety and to reach overhead lockers.

    I am glad Airlines now take on real, genuine people. I’m size 16 and fit, just like the other “chubby” crew that passed their medical 🙂

    • Rhiannon Williams says:

      Hey I have my assessment day coming up this week! How war it? I’m quite nervous 🙈 What sort of things will I be doing? And is there a maths test?

      • Laura Kennan says:


        It’s a really good day, the team are so friendly.
        No maths test.! 🙂
        You have two role plays and a group discussion.
        If through to the afternoon stage you get uniformed fitting, and a one to one interview:-)

  • Nicola Hurst says:

    Im due to attend my assesment day tommorow and have replied to my email twice with my aceptance , but i have not recived a reply is this correct .
    Any help would be greatful thank you .

  • Naina says:


    what is the minimum height requirement for cabin crew and is this without shoes?


  • Jerrell Rodrigues says:

    I live in Goa, 20 years of age and want to be based in London as a flight attendant. Is that possible? could you please help me.
    Earliest reply will be appreciated
    Thank You!

  • Yuli says:

    Hi I will like do cabin crew bot I am not speak English very well because only live 22 months ago here in London I know that is impossible that your recruitment me .I am studying very hard maybe one I can do cabin crew rhanks

  • Sue says:

    Hi I have an assessment day 6th Jan 2018 are the roles only seasonal and what are the chances you are taken on at the end?

  • Chloe says:

    I have an assessment day coming up next week, the last time I had one there was a maths test. Is there on this time?

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