The Best Restaurants in Fuerteventura

The Best Restaurants in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is known for the variety in its dining options, and there are plenty of styles and delicacies here you probably wouldn’t have expected to find. You may have to travel right across the island to be certain of sampling all the best venues, but a little road trip now and then is no bad thing under the sun, especially when it ends with a meal you’ll remember always.




Triquivijte is the small village in which Antonia has decided to make its name, and indeed it’s become very well known in a short space of time due to the quality of its food and welcoming nature. About ten minutes’ drive away from El Castillo, the restaurant has a professional, slightly up-market feel, and so is one tailored for special occasions. You’ll absolutely have to make reservations before visiting, but that’s a small price to pay for the tapas options here.



Marabu is where to go if you want a cozy feel to your meal, catered for but unrushed. A nice added touch would be to request seating on the garden terrace, allowing you to have a meal of fresh fish alongside some Spanish wine under the stars. The restaurant is also a family run business, meaning that there’s an overall sense of being welcomed into another’s home, and truly being treated as a guest. Marabu is in the south of Fuerteventura in Esquinzo.



Rompeolas is the restaurant within the Avanti hotel in Corralejo. It specialises in seafood dishes, and has been open for 40 years (although, rest-assured, the décor is not from the same era; the restaurant was most recently refurbished in 2013). The beach is literally right outside the door, and you can even head up to the roof terrace after your meal (adults only) for some sun bathing and great views out over the Atlantic Ocean.


The Ugly Ducking

‘Scandinavian’ is probably not a word you would have ever associated with Fuerteventura, but that’s exactly what The Ugly Duckling brings to the area. Though very small, with room for only 24 diners, this actually adds to the friendly atmosphere as you sample pork tenderloin and mushroom sauce or the ‘Daily Danish Classic’ option. This is an easy venue to reach from Fuerteventura’s harbour and is reasonably priced as well, meaning you can have your fill of sun and add a dash of affordable, interesting cuisine without any hassle.



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