Antalya’s Best Hidden Restaurants

Antalya's Best Hidden Cafés

Antalya is an excellent place to sample the different delights of various unique restaurants tucked away down busy streets. A little exploration through the city can reveal some absolute gems, and the locals are only too happy to help steer you through the streets to any of these dining delicacies.


Andalou Park Restaurant
The Andalou Park Restaurant is the easiest to find, situated as you might expect within Andalou Park. The A La Carte restaurant seats 550 people, or alternatively you can choose to have a coffee on the terrace, all the while surrounded by 225 acres of woodland. The menu here is eclectic, from the pistachio kebabs to the künefe, a kind of cheese-pastry dessert. Although just five minutes from Antalya’s restaurant, the main noise in the restaurant is more likely to be coach loads of travellers than planes, so consider arrival at an atypical time for lunch or dinner to make sure you miss the crowds.


Big Man Café and Bistro
The Big Man actually has three venues across Antalya; the Konyaalti Street venue is situated on the cliffs, with a view out over the beaches adjacent to the city (themselves easily reached from this branch); the Old Lara Street venue is a bit closer to the hustle and bustle of the town, but similarly has spectacular views of the ocean, with a kids area at the back; the Duden Waterfalls venue is the most recent, having opened in 2013, and although this is a little bit of a drive as it is 12km outside of the city of Antalya, the trip to the Duden waterfalls is worth the stop-off. Big Man specialises in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, so expect plenty of colourful dishes put before you.


The wildcard on our list is this sushi and Chinese speciality restaurant, situated on the Havalimanı Caddesi road just a short trip from the airport. If you’re a fan of sushi, Koko-Yaki is the place to go; if you’re a fan of teppan-style cooking, Koko-Yako is the place to go; if you have a taste for any dishes from the Far East, Koko-Yaki is the place to go. This is a real stand-out in Antalya given its branch of cooking, and really brings an international feel that contrasts completely with the other restaurants in the city.


Seraser Restaurant
Located in the ominous sounding ‘Dark Street’ (Karalik Sokak), Seraser is situated close to the city centre and the marina, so close in fact that if you reserve beforehand then you could even pull up to the harbour in a boat and have a staff member meet you and lead you to the restaurant. A little added touch that goes a long way when you don’t want to amble in and out of Antalya’s tight streets. Seraser isn’t a fusion restaurant, but does try to give its customers a choice between more traditional Turkish dishes and international fare. You’ll have your choice of anything from octopus carpaccio to fettucini porcini, or just a simple hamburger it has something for everyone.

Turgay Steak House
Turgay Steak House is exactly what it says on the door and more, with locally sourced meat providing the base for cooking touched by American and Argentinian influences. From the veal chops to the sausage burger and the Dallas steak, the father-and-son chef team are specialists in all kinds of barbecue and grill meats. To find Turgary Steak House, you can either keep to the coastline and then turn down Çağlayan Mahallesi street, or just follow your nose to that delicious smell

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