An Airportr review

Sarah Neal recently used the Airportr service when flying from Gatwick Airport to Orlando.

Here’s how she got on…

For my recent family trip to Orlando flying out of Gatwick airport, I was very much looking forward to some time in the sun.

I was not looking forward to the trek to the airport with all the baggage you need to take when travelling with 2 children under 3, so I decided to try the new Airportr baggage pick up service.


The online booking experience was extremely simple and very sleek. You simply select your airline, where your flying from and to, date your flying and then the number of bags you want collecting, you can then select a time slot you would like the bags collecting and the address.

As I don’t live anywhere near an airport I booked an airport hotel the evening before my flight so my bags could be collected from the hotel.  I arrived just before my collection slot and received a text from airportr letting me know they had arrived to collect my bags.




When greeted they scanned the code in the message on my phone, which allowed them to link my bags/bag tags to my reservation and then verified the bags against our passports.

They proceeded to check over the bags and secured them with secure bag ties to ensure no one could tamper with them, then received a message to confirm hand over of my bags with the relevant receipt numbers.

They were then on their way to a security scanning facility at Heathrow airport before being checked in for my Thomas Cook Airlines flight back at Gatwick Airport. First thing in the morning I received a text message to confirm my bags had been successfully checked-in for my flight to Orlando. I was even sent a link to track my bags!









Travelling to the terminal was a complete breeze without the stress of pushing luggage trollies along with two young children through the check-in area.  Instead, we swiftly moved to the TSA check area – where we were asked a few questions (only relevant for flights to the USA).

We then went straight through security into the airport lounge where we had plenty of time to have a relaxing breakfast before boarding a long haul flight with 2 under 3 years old’s.


I would highly recommend this service, it was super easy and really did save stress and time at the airport. The collection staff were really helpful and explained the process well which gave me confidence that my bags were in safe hands.

I only wished I had booked Airportr on my return, as the service is also available to book from your destination, in my case Orlando!


To book Airportr click >> here 

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