Which airline job would suit you?

Thomas Cook Airlines hangar

Find out which airline job best suits you.  So you love flying but are you more into aviation or travel? Do you want to be in the pilot’s seat or the jump seat?

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We’re currently hiring First and Senior First Officers – apply on our careers website. Applications close mid July 2018.

If you were born to be cabin crew be sure to keep an eye on open roles.

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  • Ross says:

    I got flight operations – pretty close, I’ve been working as a turnaround manager for a major blue and white airline for the last 11 years…

  • Ashley West says:

    Pilot! Typical, I actually passed the selection for the CTC wings whitetail programme, have a class 1 medical. The only thing letting me down was the finance!

  • Lloyd Newman says:

    I got a pilot yes!

  • joshua wallace says:

    i have no GCSE s or A levels but would like help and support to get those qualifications as ive always dreamt of being a British Airways pilot

  • Anthony Ferguson says:

    Typical I got pilot the one thing i really want to do but the finance side is such a huge obstacle, one which may be too much for me and thousands of others to over come

  • Jake says:

    Got Engineer which is handy as I’m doing a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering haha.

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