The Airbus A330 operated by Hi Fly – all you need to know

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If you’re flying long haul with Thomas Cook Airlines to Cancun, Orlando or Las Vegas from Stansted or Glasgow during August 2015, you may be travelling on an Airbus A330 aircraft – registration CS-TFZ – operated on our behalf by Portuguese-airline Hi Fly.

This aircraft is supporting our programme during the ongoing refurbishment of our own fleet,  and for those of you that are interested we thought we would let you know what the Hi Fly A330 has to offer, just so you know what to expect.

Generous leg room

Generous leg room

Airbus A330, operated by Hi Fly, has:

  • At least a 31 inch seat pitch throughout the entire cabin
  • A 3-3-3 seat economy cabin with extra legroom seats (38 inch) available in the 2-3-2 configuration forward cabin
  • Individual seat back In-flight Entertainment system – please note, content is controlled centrally
  • Hi Fly’s cabin crew – supported by our own Thomas Cook Airlines representatives, will be on board the aircraft, delivering you the best on-board service possible.
Seat back entertainment

Seat back entertainment

Remember, any extras that are available to book on your Thomas Cook Airlines flight will also be available on the Hi Fly operated flight to make your flight even more enjoyable.

See full info on the Thomas Cook Airlines fleet and our partner airlines.

Please note  – for those customers who have had their flight moved onto the Hi Fly aircraft for operational reasons, you will have received notification of this from our you will have received notification of this from our Sales Centre team.  This may be a different aircraft to the one described above and be used on different routes.  If you have any further questions please telephone 01733 224 810   



  • Kris says:

    Can I ask, what do you mean ‘controlled centrally’ with regards to the seat back entertainment?

    • Beth Harrison says:

      Hi Kris, This means the in-flight entertainment is controlled by our lovely cabin crew, any more questions let me know – Beth

  • Beth Harrison says:

    To support Thomas Cook Airlines during the refurbishment of its own fleet, an Airbus A330 aircraft, operated by Hi Fly, is being used on the long haul flight programme from Stansted and Glasgow in July and early August 2015. Below are some key facts on what the new aircraft offers.
    • At least a 32 inch seat pitch throughout the entire cabin
    • A 3-3-3 seat economy cabin with extra legroom seats (38 inch) available in the 2-3-2 configuration forward cabin
    • Individual seat back In-flight Entertainment system – please note, content is controlled centrally by our cabin crew

    • Jayne says:

      Hi Beth

      Are you speaking on behalf of Thomas Cook? If so can you answer my questions below?

      Does this mean we don’t get a choice of in-flight movies?
      Is it the case that there are maybe 2 films shown in succession and that’s it? It feels like a downgrade if that’s the case.

      Could you also confirm if there are USB chargers onboard and whether we can just plug in our own headphones as we would have been able to on the previous aircraft. If we have to buy two pin converter these should be provided free of charge as this is a cost we wouldn’t previously have had to pay.

      • Beth Harrison says:

        Hi Jayne,

        I edit the Thomas Cook Airlines blog. Hi-flys in-flight entertainment is controlled by our cabin crew, there will be two films and selected entertainment shown on board. You won’t have a USB charger but you will be able to plug in your headphones with a pin converter, I’m unsure whether these will be free of charge or not. If you need any more information please contact customer services – Beth

  • Amanda says:

    Can you post a link to a seat map please, we would like to see where we are sitting

  • Mark says:


    I’ve pre paid/selected seats, how do I now select the seats on the new aircraft?

    Many thanks


  • julia says:

    hi can you tell me if you do flydrive to orlando from manchester

  • Melanie says:

    Hi, I’m reading the comments about the in flight entertainment and I would just like clarification. The entertainment is controlled by the cabin crew so does that mean that each passenger doesn’t get a choice? Will it go by the majority or will a move just be put on and everyone is to watch?

  • Anna Le says:

    Hi – are there free meals served onboard? Flying from Vegas to London.

    • Beth Harrison says:

      Hi Anne,

      Yes you will get a three course James Martin meal and a light snack 🙂

      Have a great flight


  • Sadie Rawlings says:

    Do you get free drinks for the duration of the flight from Stanstead to Orlando?

    • Beth Harrison says:

      Hi Sadie, Are you flying economy? You get a choice of tea, coffee or soft drink with you meal. Alcoholic and soft drinks are available throughout the flight at a charge.

      Have a great flight

  • Brian says:

    Do you know if TC are using Hi Fly from Stansted to Orlando on 9th August 2016 and return on 23rd August or will it be a different Airline? Thanks

  • richard says:

    When will the refurbishment of your fleet be complete.
    We are due to fly Aug 2016 from Stansted to Orlando and wondered if the new planes would be in service by then.

  • Simon Kendall says:

    Is this plane still being used in August 2016 on the Orlando route?

  • Emelia says:

    We are flying from Stansted to Orlando July 2016, it is saying we are going to have this flight is it possible that it will change to a better one?

  • Andy says:


    We are travelling from Orlando to Stansted next August (2016) it states the flight will be operated by Hifly.

    Are you able to advise if it will be of similar standard as those operated in 2015 ?

  • Ross says:

    I’m flying Thomas Cook in July 2016 from Glasgow. What aircraft will I be on?

  • Ashley says:

    I am regretting booking with Thomas cook as they are using this aircraft , wish I had just paid the extra on gone with my usual airline, virgin atlantic , Thomas cook are charging the same for flights as if they where using there own fleet, I have spoken to someone who flew on this aircraft before and they where not impressed bad reviews online poor customer service on board , 9 hours with the same sort of back seat entertainment you get from budget airline .

  • Tracy goring says:

    Hi I’ve just been informed that our flight from stansted to Mexico in July is now hi fly and I’m not quite sure what is being said about in flight entertainment. Am I correct we are not able to control what we watch.

  • Linda King says:

    As Tracy above said, we have also just heard that we are flying with Hi Fly from Stansted in July to Cancun. I would also like to know about the in-flight entertainment. We could have chosen Thomson or First Choice, Virgin etc. It looks as if our flight is becoming very bog-standard! Please, advise. (Has Beth run away due to the volume of questions about HI Fly??)

  • Charlotte bailey says:

    If we have already selected seats based on a 2 seater how can we now see if it’s a 2 or 3 seater and are we able to change seats for free if now the new row has changed to 3 seats?

  • Vikki says:


    We have booked a hi fly flight for July 2016. Can you please tell me If it is possible to upgrade the entertainment on the flight for a cost?

  • Emma says:

    please can someone respond to these questions!

  • Ben says:

    Hi I Am Flying To Orlando On July 10th At 10:45 From Glasgow Airport Just to Confirm If It Will Be The Hi-Fly A330 Or Your Own Thomas Cook A330

  • Elaine says:

    Hello we are flying hello fly Glasgow to Orlando on the 5 th July 2016. We have not paid to select out seats when are they allocated foc? At check in or 24 hrs before , if we are allocated and want to change at check in what are the costs?

  • Clare says:

    I am really quite concerned now about our upcoming flight in July from Stansted to Orlando. I flew with thomas cook to Turkey last year and the flight was very good which is why we have booked with Thomas Cook again this year. Reading about this “hi fly” plane I am now very concerned.

  • Charlotte Cullen says:

    I understand that the movies are ‘centrally controlled’ does this mean that there is no choice at all in movies? The info above says:
    ‘remember, any extras that are available to book on your Thomas Cook Airlines flight will also be available on the Hi Fly operated flight to make your flight even more enjoyable’ is this actually the case? The Thomas Cook Airline flights offer the chance to upgrade to premium entertainment for a cost of £6 per person to access many more movies, I assume, therefore, that I will be able to do this on my Hi Fly flight. If this is not the case surely this is false advertising?? Thank you

  • Harmon Reynolds says:

    Hello, I am flying from Orlando to Glasgow on 9 July. Which terminal does the flight leave from A or B?

  • For specific questions about your booking please contact our team

  • Ian Beattie says:

    Just thought I’d drops quick note to say, I’ve just flown Glasgow to Orlando with Thomas Cook and operated by Air Tanker and the return flight was operated by Hifly.

    Both where great flights, with touch screen selectable entertainment in the seat in front. Seats where more than comfortable enough for me at 6ft. Staff where great and the planes where in great condition.

    Hope this helps anyone about to use these services.

    PS. You have to pay for headphones to use the inflight entertainment at £3 each and the Air Tanker flight charged an upgrade fee also for premium entertainment package.

  • Marie says:

    I am flying from Orlando to Glasgow on the 9th July I am flying with Hifly does anyone know how to contact them

  • diane marsden says:

    can you please tell me if the upgrade to premium entertainment package is available on the hi fly and air tanker flights from stansted to orlando and return. we have had conflicting info with emails to say our flight has changed to air tanker. we are flying air tanker on our return and hi fly going according toTC on their chat line but yet we have this email that doesn’t clarify the actual flight which has changed. TC also said it was overhead entertainment but yet this says individual seat back IFE so confusing. Don’t think TC have a clue!!!!!

  • Stuart Pearson says:

    Just flew (Monday 11th July) on TM 338 (Thomas Cook have changed flight codes from TCX to TM), plane was Airbus and had Thomas Cook livery and HiFly crew. Full at seat entertainment with choice of movies/tv/music (> 30 movies to pick from). No headphone adaptor was required for audio at seat, uses standard adaptor, on board staff offered headphones at £3 each. Full meal mid flight and ice cream snack around 3/4 into flight.
    Found out when checking flight seat reservations 24 hours beforehand that seat lists close 75 hours before flight time, anyone travelling might want to check their availability. Advised as we had a package that reserving seats was free, and have returned flights sorted.
    Hope the above info is useful to others

  • Agnes mcconnachie says:

    We are traveling to Cancun from Glasgow on 17 th of September. Could you tell me if I can charge my iPad on plane. Is there a usb socket

  • Aaron Lowe says:


    Can you use your own headphones on a A330-300 flight ?

    or even bluetooth?


    • Beth Harrison says:


      Yes you can use your own headphones – for better sound quality however it might be worth buying a headphone adapter (two pin) bluetooth also fine to use once in flight.


  • melissa says:

    we are traveling from Paris cdg to LAX and Norwegian air has leased a hi fly 300-340. what are the in flight entertainment options on this flight?
    can we bring and use our own headphones?

  • Stevefix says:

    Hello. And Bye.

  • This is actually useful, thanks.

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