7 Things To Do In Bodrum With Your Family


Bodrum is Turkey’s southern tourist hotspot. Adored by travellers all over the world, there’s plenty to do in this Aegean paradise. If you’re considering visiting Bodrum and have a family then you’re in luck as there’s plethora of family-friendly activities. The key to a good (and memorable) family holiday is having enough activities that both parents and kids to involve themselves in. Bodrum’s got it all, and here’s just a few things that will please all parties.


Visit Golkoy village
Golkoy is a small village about 20 minutes from the centre of Bodrum. It makes for the perfect day out as the beaches here are very clean and great for swimming in. The village is very beautiful and traditionally Turkish; the villas are painted in pastel colours and glisten in the sun. Children will love swimming in the nearby bay and climbing through the rock pools spying different fish and crabs. There’s plenty of orange groves next to the beach which are stunning to walk through.

Bodrum Market Day
If there were no tourists in Bodrum, the city would still bustle. The harbour and port make Bodrum a fishing village and locals are often down at the harbour buying today’s catch. Tuesdays are market day in Bodrum where all manner of goods are sold and it’s a morning or afternoon the whole family can enjoy. The market is full of crazy energy with plenty of bartering and colourful produce. You can buy everything here from fake designer watches and bags to toys.

City of Bodrum

Walk along the Esplanade
The Esplanade is the edge of Bodrum’s harbour. This is a really pretty area and one that looks especially good in the morning. You can walk along simply kilometres of empty paths and you’ll get a great view of Bodrum before the crowds wake up. Children will love dipping into the calm sea and you can fish for crabs.

Bodrum Windmills
There are quite a few windmills in Bodrum, which are quite similar in style to Greek windmills across the ocean. The stretch of green between Bodrum and neighbouring village Gumbet is where you can come and see these magnificent structures. Back in the 1970s the windmills were used to grind flour but they haven’t been used much since. You will get the best views of them from Gumbet bay.

Bodrum Windmills

Bodrum Windmills

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
This is one of the Wonders of the Ancient World is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Definitely something to bring children along to see, the ruins of this mausoleum are scattered off the main road that runs through Bodrum, not far from the Myndos Gate. Fascinating to see, there are lots of depictions of what the original mausoleum would have looked like.

Relax on Gumbet Beach
Gumbet beach is a great escape if you need a little break from busy Bodrum city centre. The beach is clean and has excellent sand. Children will love engaging with the various water sports and other activities available. For parents there are sun beds available for relaxing on and you won’t get charged for towels. There are plenty of food outlets so hungry tummies can be fed after a busy day of nipping in and out of the sea!

Gumbet Beach

Gumbet Beach

Visit Bodrum Marina
Located right in the centre of Bodrum, the marina is a great day out for all the family. This is easily one of the best marinas in the Aegean Sea with space for over 450 yachts. The marina itself was renovated back in 1999 so is relatively new and its well-equipped to entertain and look after its visitors. Beyond the marina lies St Peter’s castle where there’s a lovely stretch of sand you can sunbathe and take in the scenery.

Bodrum Marina

Bodrum Marina


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