12 flying tips for any holiday

Departures board

Taking a well-earned break is one of the most important times of the year, so that’s why we think  you should be able to relax and enjoy your holiday as soon as you get on board. Flying is what we do best so to help you prepare for your flight and have the most comfortable journey to your destination possible, we’ve put together 12 of our best flying tips.caffeine free

1. Avoid caffeine and overeating in the 12 hours before your flights. Although caffeine can help keep you stay awake longer, it makes you wake up more often once you do fall asleep and so reduces total sleep time.

2. If you’re travelling with a baby try to give them their milk bottles during take-off and landing. This will help to distract them from being belted in plus it equalizes the pressure making for less painful ears.

3. If you struggle dealing with jet lag we recommend to try and stick to the timezone of your destination as soon as you arrive – it’s the quickest way to adapt.

4. Cabin air dehydrates you, and altitude changes can quicken the effects of alcohol (the rule of thumb is one drink in the air is the same as two on the ground). A cocktail may relax you, but it may also worsen symptoms of jet lag.


Alcohol can also worsen symptoms of jet lag

5. To prevent your ears from popping you need to stop the difference in pressure from building up. You can do this by yawning and swallowing. Actions that open the Eustachian tubes in your ears allow the pressure in your ear to sync up with the pressure in your environment.

6. If you’re a nervous flyer try distracting yourself with a good book or asking one of our friendly crew on board for some advice to calm yourself.

7. The feeling of turbulence during a flight can make even the best flyers feel unsettled. Jiggling your body slightly when you hit rough air will counteract the movement so that you feel it less.

8. When packing your suitcase, rolling your clothes not only saves space, but prevents wrinkles too. Another useful packing tip is to place shower caps over the bottoms of your shoes, that way you can lay them safely over your clothes without having to worry about stains.

Suitcase packing

9. When you arrive at your destination try to spend some time out of the sunlight. This will help your body reset its natural time clock to coincide with your new surroundings.

10. For a long-haul flight make sure you wear loose fitting, breathable clothing and avoid any snug footwear.

11. To avoid coming back from your holiday a painful shade of red, make sure you stay out of the sun between 12pm and 3pm. Instead go for lunch or take a siesta.

12. Instead of using ribbons and bows to make you luggage stand out on the conveyor belt, buy a suitcase in an unusual colour so you’ll be able to spot it straight away.

Yellow suitcase




  • Mrs Sheila Warr says:

    Your airshoppen phone number “is not recognised” at 01614983838

    Some of your flights with other airlines are not ATOL protected and
    that is a worry. Is your company liable should we have problems?

  • Stephen shepherd says:

    Always be polite to staff and other passengers. And mind your language. A please and thank you go a long way with all staff.

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